In 2 Stappen Naar Een Energiezuinigere Woning 

Wanneer we het hebben over de toekomst van het bouwen kunnen we er tegenwoordig niet meer omheen, energieneutraal bouwen heeft de absolute toekomst. Tegen het jaar 2020 zouden alle nieuwe woningen die op Nederlands grondgebied worden gebouwd energieneutraal moeten zijn. De basis hiervoor is nu reeds gelegd. Tegenwoordig is het dan ook reeds zo dat

tf verhogen A good findability is without a doubt one of the most important conditions for a successful website. Your content can be as good as it is, but people still need to find your texts, photos, videos and products. Trust flow and citation flow

SEO turns out to be a valuable specialism

The importance of SEO and organic findability has become even more clear this spring. Anyone who invests in a solid SEO base can move with the market much better and is not or less dependent on advertising budgets. As a specialist, Blauwe Monsters is happy to explain how they approach this. At the table are

SEO: Optimising trust flow and citation flow

SEO: Optimising trust flow and citation flow Measure E-A-T and Google will appreciate your website. But how do you, as an SEO specialist, make sure you show expertise, become an authority and are reliable? One of the ways to achieve this is by optimising your external link profile. Everything about the metrics Trust and Citation

Guest blogging: the most underestimated link building method

Guest blogging is one of the link building methods that is still underestimated. That’s a pity, because valuable links are very important and especially if they are created in a natural way. Link building is time consuming, but it does lead to success if, for example, you go guest blogging and use different channels, such